Show Face

Show FaceThe widespread takeup and even glamorisation of face coverings is heart-breaking. They are bad for our environment, highly disruptive to our capacity to communicate properly, and a wholesale infringement of our right to make informed decisions. Our human faces are the greatest and finest utilities God has gifted us with, and it is really sad some of us still don’t understand the significance of taking that away.

Face masks are now commonly being used in ways that are nonsensical and actually quite likely to increase the spread of coronavirus. Requiring children to wear masks amounts to child abuse – many of them will now grow up with social deficiencies and anxiety. Furthermore, people often wear masks on their chins instead of taking them off completely; which has been proven on several occasions to cause bacterial infections.

By extension, despite the founder of our movement suffering from high-functioning autism, the concept of ‘exemptions’ must be completely done away with. They divide humans into classes, could construe masks are acceptable for some and not others, and are a slippery slope in that groups may start wanting proof of exemptions.

If we all roll over like poodles and accept such destructive and frightening restrictions on humanity, where does it end? If a law is passed mandating you to hit someone and swear at them, would you comply? Because masks frequently harm and injure, businesses and schools should find the courage to refuse to implement such outright tyranny. This is a big ask but the only way out of an already desperate situation.