Give Grace

Give GraceRewind to June of 2020. Black Lives Matter was the talk of town and any physical distancing was confined to the dustbin. Now imagine telling someone in 2019 that in twelve months, standing for their cause would be okay, but peacefully protesting for a good faith issue of paramount concern would invite a herd of geared-up riot police and slap them with a prohibitively expensive fine.

What does that tell you about the level of confidence Boris Johnson and his mad scientists hold in the theory that every individual should keep a space of one or two metres around them? Maybe we ought to listen to alternative points of view and understand that there are valid reasons for believing that hysterical measures to ‘contain the coronavirus’ are damaging, very stressful, and frequently not even backed by science.

Although this is an area of contention, we can organise special activities for specific groups of people. To name one, we can deliver shopping and other supplies to our elderly and vulnerable if that is how they would prefer to handle the pandemic. So if there is a time and place for individuals of a more nervous disposition to go about their daily lives, why is the general public universally expected to jump through such absurd and embarrassing hoops?

There is every motive for those under 70, and especially under 50 to calm down and realise just how pointless it is to try and keep a distance from one another; and even vast swathes of the elderly would be more than happy to sing from the same hymn sheet. So let us reconnect and have a close influence on others around us.