There are three very simple resolutions we can make together as human beings to reconnect as Mother Nature would have intended, and restore love, joy and peace to our world.

Hold Hands

HandsHumans are natural friends and fellow citizens and it goes against our psyche to treat each other as walking biohazards. We should not generally be afraid of contact and policies both in public and in private premises should not unduly ramp up the fear factor.

Show Face

FaceThe human face is a paramount and sacrosanct staple of our individualities. It is horrific, even in times of a pandemic, that our governments are taking this away and setting a dangerous precedent for the further loss of civil liberties and rights to bodily autonomies.

Give Grace

GraceWe should strive to be around and look after other human beings. While it is true that we can transmit coronavirus and other nasties to each other, that is a comparatively rare occurrence and the positive social impact we can have when we mingle far outweighs it.