• White and Silver: We value good human contact with utmost sincerity, and yet seek to maintain peace with those who oppose us.
  • Blue: The truth is that, both in the context of the pandemic and in sustaining ourselves mentally, it is best to expose our faces.
  • Green: We should cherish hope and joy in our society. Share love with our fellow human beings by seeing them beyond the virus.


  • Handshake: Exchange of monies and other goods has always been crucial throughout human history. We have faith in what we do and are not needlessly afraid of minor risks.
  • Astrea: Our pure and innocent human faces emanate meaning and detail from every corner of their features and expressions. We will show the injustice of face mask laws for what they are and stop them in their tracks.
  • Triskelion: We repeat the three golden staples by which we stand — hold hands, show face, and give grace. Taking out fear from our nations will resurrect the old normal.