Turbulent TimesWe are at an extremely perilous and fragile moment in time of our country’s history and have been since mid-March of 2020. However, while some of the damage done to our economy and to our physical and mental health will indeed be permanent, I have still not lost faith that we can create a future of hope and glory for our children and grandchildren and learn from our most serious mistakes.

MindI am glad to introduce myself as a young adult autistic programmer from Hertfordshire – and it is my unwavering conviction that we must end this government’s insane and fickle approach to the coronavirus and free the good British public to live lives of joy and prosperity.

IcebergThe multifaceted trials and tribulations of our brutal and unwarranted regulations have little scientific merit and even less innocence in the damage they cause – particularly in that they constantly change. Our plus-size prime minister, who probably wrote many of these rules on the back of a Kleenex box in Costa, not only doesn’t help people with autism but even had the audacity to take away the right of people to breathe freely, and then hand it back to certain groups of people (disabled, severely distressed etc.) under the guise of false ‘equality’. From the proliferation of domestic abuse to the cancelled and postponed physical and mental health interventions, what or who does this buffoon really care about?

Chris WhittyEvery small gesture – from smiling and saying ‘hello’ to passing Britons on the streets, to going maskless and getting a rush of clean, fresh air at the supermarkets – edges us closer to the collapse of this wicked regime. So I propose this to the people – if we can live lives free of mask mandates or vaccine requirements, and pay with notes and coins when we want or need to do so, we’ll be making great strides to improve the mental health of many, and a critical mass of dissent will send our corrupt leaders packing. Implore them to see that ‘social distancing’ is a grave abuse of human rights and that it goes against our very mojo and spirit as human beings.

Once there is no more coercion to take the vaccine or otherwise subjection to degrading or unreasonable demands, we must make sure that no future government can abuse our constitution and laws in such an abhorrent way. Time is a finite resource, but the moral compass and British psyche are both hopefully on our side. Thank you.