The Big Picture

Another website by the same owner as that of HandsFaceGrace is in the works. Watch this space!

There are so many more different responsibilities and activities running concurrently right now, be it learning the Russian language, carrying out the duties of work, socialising in the greater community with a multitude of others, and almost everything in-between. It is difficult to keep weekly updates coming in. However, I strive always to create time for others. There’s a way to keep the vision of this website alive and I’m in hot pursuit of it.

I am very sad that the government is even contemplating bringing back the monstrous abuses of human rights that are mandatory masks, vaccine passports, and micro-management of who you can see and when you can see them. I implore them not to do this and remain on standby to do what I can to stop this coming into fruition if I am left with no other choice.

Whether a lockdown or mask sceptic knows this website or not, we all have one shared goal. That is the removal of measures beyond those that can reasonably be considered sensible and prudent in the context of curbing the spread of a serious, but low-mortality virus. I look forward to a world truly beyond that of Covid, whether it comes in this life or the next. And never fear death passing away. Don’t try to hastily bring it forward, or do the opposite and make it a long, slow and drawn-out process, but rather let it come when it’s your time. That is why the way in which coronavirus is and has been managed in Britain and in many other countries is such a bad idea.