Stay Positive

The British government is, inevitably, about to crush the freedoms and dignities of our society once more with an iron fist. But the flesh and blood, emotions and company, and heart and soul of a human being will always be worth more in material, socioeconomic, and sentimental value than the cold-blooded, jagged edges of an unsightly and dishonourable big V passport.

My personal circumstances have changed quite radically since the very first post I wrote all the way back in February this year. If there is anything I’ve learnt in that time above all else, it would be how to cope and remain content whatever the circumstance. And I’m sure the emotional comfort in keeping my Hands, Face and Grace active will see through any treacherous maneuver by Number 10. So let’s keep at it. The face of the man who rallied against the no-vacc-no-entry rigmarole in January, only to aggressively U-turn and crank up the fear in time for the end of September, is one who knows his days in power are numbered.