I am approaching the month of September, unfortunately, with a fair old teaspoon of apprehension.

Some of my family members and other close contacts are trying to reassure and comfort me when I come across signage, plastic screens and a bevy of staff members wearing masks. They are telling me that it is historical and throwing words oftentimes to the effect of ‘that was only during the height of the pandemic’. But for as long as governments in other countries like Iceland, Gibraltar (not that I can give the hyperlinks to the articles right now as this subject is causing me a bit of sadness and tension) and the Seychelles are reimposing restrictions after lifting them, and threats either of reintroducing previous lockdown and mask laws, or bringing in vaccine mandates for ‘nightclubs and large events’ from September onwards remain in our country, it is not an environment in which we can feel completely at ease.

A practical approach is in order. I do not want a life of segregation and apartheid, and neither could anyone else want it or believe it to be necessary in good faith. Fuel is added to the fire of such a scenario by downloading unscrupulous NHS apps, giving away your personal details on track-and-trace forms, and taking advantage of something the government of this country or any other has ‘allowed’ you to do simply on grounds of being double-jabbed. By the same token I am becoming increasingly concerned that some of my actions (by avoiding stressfully irrational measures where and when I can) are perpretating division.

Look. I know the virus is not harmless. We must take care of those who really need our help and attention right now, and in doing so look at the big picture. Coronavirus is something we could really rather just do without in Britain, yes, but if we think that chasing PCR tests for those going on an holiday abroad, or blackmailing sceptical care home staff into choosing between their job or their human sovereignty, is acceptable then we need to rethink whether or not we truly are a democracy. I hope and trust that we can turn out better than that!