Freedom Day

Well here it is. I didn’t expect the government would do this, but of all things they’ve gone and lifted national mask mandates. It is not all a happily ever after fairytale, though. With the mask juggernaut still lingering on London and Manchester public transport, and a PCR test bonanza to boot, the old normal is not truly back. Vaccine passports could soon be on the horizon for night clubs, and God forbid other venues, if we don’t act fast.

I just can’t help but feel a little bit sad right now. Dan Wootton on GB News labelled today not as Freedom Day, but as Groundhog Day, which (having watched the film) was a deeply moving and troubling comment but, I guess, very true. I really seriously do not want a return to the way the cookie crumbled for the lion’s share of 2020 and it is not something we really ought to be celebrating when it is our government that chooses to grant us our freedoms, not because we have the God-given right to them, but because it’s okay simply for being Summer and not Winter. And I won’t count on Tesco’s for my groceries any time soon, at least not without a sincere apology and a promise written in stone that they will never challenge me or anyone else for not wearing a mask ever again.

The biggest pause for thought right now, in my case, is whether I can do a maskless return trip on the Thameslink to and from London. The sight from the train on London Blackfriars station. The experience of getting around London and feeling part of something big and palpable. The things to do and people you could meet, that and who are totally exotic to almost everyone elsewhere.

Unless the government step back from the threat to impose their criminal fist of vaxx and traxx on night clubs like, well, at Speedy Gonzales pace, expect that I will be writing to my MP and taking other forms of action against this tyranny. Please let me know if a template letter would help you.

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