Faith in God

Dear God,

I dedicate this public prayer in peace and in wholesome goodwill for everyone.

First of all, I hope those who have felt apprehensive or otherwise uneasy to resume attendance at church services, be it down to world events or otherwise, do remarkably soon find the courage and strength to do so. And there are others like me who also don’t quite know where to start but are determined to let that seed of knowledge grow in habitable and fertile soil, and to act on that knowledge to ultimately make life better for everyone around them.

Secondly, a momentum seems to be growing to suggest that maybe — just maybe — the government might actually follow through with their intention to cease all face mask laws. Although the harms caused by these human rights infringements are broadly long-term to say the least, and they should never have come to fruition in the first place on account on this, it would at least be a meaningful step in the right direction if Boris and others were to take this decision. Nonetheless I wish the very best and most socioeconomically successful outcome for everyone after the 19th of July, and that the motives of the Cabinet and all other Members of Parliament — in the case especially of them being in bad faith — cause the least amount of overall damage to lives in Britain and beyond.

We’re going to get through this. So here is my sincere wish. Let’s get the message out to humanity that, in this life or the next, true glory will decisively take hold over the storm of fear. The torrent of negativity must and will be over.



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