How We Go About Stopping Tyranny

Just my two cents on Saturday’s protest against the continuance of government irrationality.

I do commend them, and any others who are brave and put their foot decisively down against any of the regime’s treacherous mandates without resorting to the moral turpitude of violence or other kinds of disorder. Though a brisk surf through the web will bring up far more results for Black Lives Matter demonstrations on Saturday. Without wishing ill will or fear on anyone, BLM is generally a subject beyond the remit of that which we address either personally or on behalf of the website; however I will say that since there was so little in the way of lockdown protest coverage as opposed to that for a mainstream media backed cause, it is quite clear that the powers that be still simply just don’t care about or listen to our feelings about face diapers, track-and-trace data harvesting, or any of the other measures which will turn out to be some of the worst infringements of human independence in hindsight.

Now I do have a little skeleton in my closet I’m afraid. I did not attend the protest even though, if I’d grinned and beared the torrent of stress and anxiety of two hours, perhaps three on public transport, I could have potentially set aside time for that. The issue comes down to a couple of things at the end of the day. There are a notable few hyper militants, borderline on the other extreme of the debate, who try to argue that coronavirus somehow doesn’t exist or that 5G has a heavy influence on the spread and distribution of the illness. In a nutshell, we believe in neither of those things. The other problem stems from concern about the exact message we want to resonate with the nation. There currently stands a rule of 30, or a rule of the highest of 6 or any from two households indoors, and many of these protestors’ main concern was that this law was not repealed. While yes, it is surely disproportionate in view of a sub-percent virus mortality rate, without definitively taking a stance on this situation we cannot rule out that a limit to gatherings, say, of 30 or 50 might help in dealing with outbreaks of Ebola, MERS, meningitis that legitimately threaten the stability of our healthcare infrastructure. Countries that have grappled with this virus while treating their citizens in a dignified way, like Sweden and Finland, responded even with such limitations on liberties.

But Number 10 Downing Street have done something just shocking; bang out of order. They’ve kissed the sorry mouths and noses of millions goodbye, and not only has this pretty much no positive effect on averting the mobility of COVID, but it has made the disabled and other vulnerable people suffer immensely both physically and mentally, and trashed the environment all the while. So disgusting is this regulation, that it corrupts everything it touches. Public transport, shops, hairdressers, churches, restaurants, sports stadiums, airports, you name it. It’s all very well having a lavish and lively wedding boasting hundreds of attendees courtesy of bride and groom, but just how free are they really if they can’t use and bare their faces where and when they like? 24th of July marks the sad first anniversary of Boris descending his mighty jackboot on the good heart of human society. Will I let them off scott-free? Oh boy will I not. By word and by action I will tell them to 🛑 stop now. We can get back to livelihoods of happiness and laughter in the shops and other venues. There’s just no easy way.

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