Badge Bonanza

It is a little bit of a silly subject by some’s standards, but even so we cannot discount that this is not the behaviour of any morally and ethically conscious business. Favouring or disfavouring one over another for their medical choices is wrong. Would those last two sentences have gone against the grain to write in 2019?

The conduct in question is that of dating sites including, at minimum, Tinder,, Ourtime, and Bumble. It is basically a scheme where users can get a ‘badge’ on their profile if they can prove they’ve had the vaccine, which is wrong as it obviously stokes division and distrust. Most however take it further and more personally by denying non-vaccine-takers the same degree of ‘super likes’ and ‘super swipes’ alongside other trivial, but manipulative social constructs in the websites and apps.

HandsFaceGrace’s answer to this is very straightforward. If you have an account on any site which treats rational and well-intended human beings differently on such or similar grounds, please delete the account. It is deeply unfortunate to have to say this, but sometimes the consequences of their actions have to be felt in their wallets and reputations for them to change course. And that’s what will, assuredly, happen come 2030, ’31, ’32, ’33, but every second we inch closer to saying enough is enough we save someone from taking a medical decision they didn’t want to and had a right not to have made.

And as far as deleting accounts goes, that’s coincidentally what I did with my Amazon one a while back. This is not a game of being a conspiracy theorist or not. Small and medium businesses up and down the country and beyond have taken a real pummeling from the irrational mask mandates and other perverse intrusions of Number 10, and their employees often have to work doubly if not triply harder than the norm to make ends meet. Amazon quite possibly, if not probably, will be the nail in the coffin for a good few of them. To rub salt in the wound, the big A also infringe on human rights in some of the worst ways, with their delivery drivers obscuring their faces even outdoors.

I do believe, cheesily perhaps, that God will work with me to determine the time and place I’ll meet my ‘future wife or long-term partner’ if that is in store for me, and so will He for everyone. Think about it. A badge on your dating profile to say you were vaccinated won’t guarantee you a spouse or partner, but will be a submission, benevolent or not, to the slow wave of goodbye to informed consent. Make a stand for yourself now and swipe LEFT to the vaccine coercion juggernaut, and who knows, maybe you’ll cross paths with a kind, generous and accommodating soul who will want to be in your arms to the end of your Earthly presence and beyond.

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