On the Subject of Protests

And now we address “the possibility of designating a day for our movement, that focuses on observance of allowing traditional cash and discontinuing mask mandates and physical distancing” as discussed on the ‘Thank You’ page that a respectable sum of our generous followers saw back in February when they lent their signatures to the petition on our home page.

My strong objection to the oppressive, and highly damaging practice of mandatory or coerced face masking is not to be underestimated. Though some may see it as a sledgehammer to crack a nut, I will not hesitate to withdraw my custom from businesses that unapologetically ram this dystopia down our throats. There are enough good and enlightened people out there to provide a respite from this madness in Britain, so it is only right that the mentally ill, disabled and poor have a chance to feel good again. If a place isn’t treating you or someone you love well, demand better.

However I do feel sorry for those who have let irrationality and fear take over their business or shop and I still wish the very best for the individuals that run these places in spite of the attack on our faces and our right to spend physical cash. We should love the sinner, not the sin. I am actively pursuing a means through which we can express how strongly these ‘coronavirus’-related protocols are hurting me physically and mentally, and while venting your thoughts by coming in without a mask or even not coming at all can be very meaningful and powerful, it is still hard to determine whether that’s going to be enough or whether there’s a step that could be taken to make things easier for everyone.

The lockdown measures that have been imposed for intermittent lengths of time, and at varying levels of stringency, since the evening of the 23rd of March 2020 are disproportionate in the extreme when weighted with the remarkably low lethality of coronavirus, and have caused long-term (and in many cases permanent) damage to the lives of millions if not tens of millions. However the very worst and most morally repugnant black mark ever to be inflicted against the name of Britain would have to be the mandatory masks in shops as of the 24th of July that year. It is the most appauling contempt for bodily autonomy, and so will vaccine passports be if they ever break onto stage, and an incredibly sad perversion of the once vibrant and passionate culture in this country. When the chickens come home to roost, anticipate a whole host of young adults with social anxiety and behavioural disorders that could have been avoided.

In that case, if and when I do attend a protest, the matter on which we contest would have to be the issue of face coverings. Getting back to the ‘day’ we designate, 24th of July this year sounds like a possibility — it worked well enough on grounds of an anniversary for the 20th of March protest in Central London, which attracted what some at the time believed to be a 50,000-strong army of sceptics. If there’s anyone who is organising such a protest or who has links to someone who may be, please connect us with them. For enquiry as to this matter or any other, we would love to hear from you at main@handsfacegrace.com — regrettably although we need to keep the channels of communication open, there are some out there who would sadly take this the wrong way and who will use what we say against us.

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