Lockdowns and ‘Social’ Distancing

These two juggernauts inflict different kinds of suffering on the life and soul of our community spirit, and yet they are very much wedded to one another — if one falls, the other likely will too. This post hopes to clarify any doubt as to where I stand on these issues, and opens free channels of communication to discuss the broader goals and ambitions of our website and what we would like to achieve in our local, national and global environments.

It’s a tough call. Lockdowns have already dragged us into a negative GDP-to-debt ratio since May last year but it will be, at the earliest, after the end of April when we really come face-to-face with the real beast. Big government is paying huge swathes of our population to sit at home and do nothing; this figure amounts to 73% of the ‘Accommodation and Food’ sector and 70% of the ‘Arts and Leisure’ sector per the Office of National Statistics. We keep borrowing and borrowing however there will, inevitably in my opinion, be a day when we can’t meet the deadlines for our loans and that’s when there truly will be a tsunami of unemployment and total meltdown in our health services.

‘Social’ distancing though is just sickly in nature and it corrupts everything it touches, all for a virus that has really quite a mild mortality rate and the facts have been laid bare on sources including swprs.org. Don’t have a card? Sorry, we only take cards now. Stand here, stand there. Keep two metres away from me. Cover your face. The hammering of these messages into our subconsciences have a frighteningly strong influence on those who fear the virus, either deeply rooted from their formative years or newly cultivated from the gutter press, while upsetting those who mean well and just want to interact in society without the shadow of COVID paraphernalia hanging behind them.

When there was a bout of a fairly laidback period between July and September (and to a lesser extent up to November) last year, I only went out to a restaurant once and took very infrequent and sporadic advantage of the lockdown easing otherwise. The aggressive messaging that proliferates throughout the exteriors and interiors of a majority of venues is enough to drive me away, and the unpredictability of what the ‘measures’ are going to be and how they keep changing keeps me in a state of unrest.

I understand this is not the response you expect to hear from a lockdown sceptic. In conclusion though it is just brutally stressful to try to go to too many places right now. That summarises the ‘social distancing’ mandates and guidelines as ultimately the worst evil in the eyes of HandsFaceGrace as even the full house of open businesses cannot wiggle free of the monstrous mask chokehold.

On a lighter note you can find more about the colours and other elements of our emblem here. It is quite empowering to stand by an icon that reinforces and shines all that you stand for.

2 thoughts on “Lockdowns and ‘Social’ Distancing”

  1. Frustrated Person

    I understand what you mean about not going out much even as a sceptic. I so want to go out, but there is nowhere to go near me. At least, nowhere friendly. I certainly do not like the idea of only being ‘allowed out’ with ever-changing restrictions on where I can go, what I can do, and how I should behave.

    Thank you for making this site.

    1. Truly, we are glad to have helped you and other like-minded individuals, and hope very much we can continue to do so going forward. It is so special that we have such positive and kind words from you and many others who visit our website, post comments and contact us.

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