Hold Hands, Show Face, Give Grace

Emblem for HandsFaceGraceIt is my strong and heartfelt belief as an autistic man in his 20s that we need to make a swift and collective return to the old normal. Not only are the mask mandates, one or two metre physical distancing, ‘track-and-trace’ forms, and compulsory cashless payments causing me profound distress and alarm, but they oftentimes aren’t even grounded in reasonable scientific evidence. Although coronavirus can have serious implications for a minority of our population, there are honest and well-meaning people who should be able to go about shopping, traverse public transport and engage in normal day-to-day activities without the worry of draconian micro-management or oppressive police surveillance.

HandsFaceGrace asks this as a minimum from all businesses and schools:

  • That, if transaction by physical cash was an option before the onset of the coronavirus, it will remain so and without scientifically-questionable bureaucracy such as having to decontaminate the notes and coins.
  • That no staff member, nor customer nor visitor as the case may be, will ever be expected or pressured to wear a mask, or challenged for not doing so. By extension, also that those who do not wear a mask will be free not to go by the name of exemption, for the Son of God saved us all from the name of sin.
  • That we respect the will and right of every adult individual to take, or not to take any form of medical intervention, be it vaccination or otherwise, and do not pressure, coerce or bribe them either way.


Humans are natural friends and fellow citizens and it goes against our psyche to treat each other as walking biohazards. We should not generally be afraid of contact and policies both in public and in private premises should not unduly ramp up the fear factor.

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The human face is a paramount and sacrosanct staple of our individualities. It is horrific, even in times of a pandemic, that our governments are taking this away and setting a dangerous precedent for the further loss of civil liberties and rights to bodily autonomies.

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We should strive to be around and look after other human beings. While it is true that we can transmit coronavirus and other nasties to each other, that is a comparatively rare occurrence and the positive social impact we can have when we mingle far outweighs it.

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